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Prototype / Furniture Design

Crane Lamp


As can be seen in the drafting documents (click draft doc below) this project began as a simple concept to use the design of a cantilever crane to create a long-boom free-standing lamp. The design soon became more complex, with the addition of an articulating arm mounted into 360deg rotating head. A 35 pound counterweight, made up of stainless steel square rod, provides counterbalance for the arm. Materials include threaded rod, hard maple and cherry.

Drafting / Design Work Station


This drafting station is a full-scale and functioning mock-up made out of recovered lumber (Douglas-fir) from a Chicago demolition site. It features an under work surface storage area, adjustable shelving, scanner compartment, internal power, aux lighting and CPU compartment. Final versions would be made from hardwoods and aluminum tube. An found Eames style seat was modified for the accessory stool. Click on thumbs below for larger images.

Surveillance Fan In Progress


This project centers around a reconditioned fan. The appliance has been stripped of paint and it's original housing. Remounting the fan into a free-standing unit emphasizes it's presence; appliance as entity. The fan in it's oscillating structure also will have a video camera that feeds a separate monitor so that as the fan sweeps the room, the room is also surveilled.