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Descriptions of three recently completed and ongoing projects

City in the sea project. Construction / Design plan and research photos.

"City in the Sea" Composite scan planning documents

Possible individual section photos.

"City in the Sea" Completed support dolly

A composite made up of images from various sources (modified NASA Voyager images, institutional medical images, original chromes and digital photography). The overall image to the left represents only the 2D element of what will be a free-standing 3D construction which will be mounted on a mobile base.

"Uchronia" Digital source file

The image support structure is modular and designed to be displayed free-standing. While these composite image works can be wall-mounted (see 'Notopia' below), they are intended to be exhibited on their independent 'support dollies'. Click on the image below for a design schematic or installation view.

"Uchronia" panel construction / support dolly
[H 80"x W 144"x D 48"] Completed August 2008

As mentioned above 'Notopia' was originally exhibited free-standing, on a support dolly structure. Made up of three main appropriated images and multiple secondary images, again from various sources; (chromes of TV screens, print ads, tiled aerial photography) they contrast and complement one another creating an implied narrative. Click on examples below for larger images.

"Notopia" Installation view [H 80" x W 120"]

Sempach is a free-standing constructed painting. The planning sketch below shows a view of the final piece with all elements in place (including a 3d mock up of an unmanned flying drone). The elements of Sempach (the title is taken from the the 1386 insurgent battle for Swiss Independence from Hapsburg rule) all relate to the concept that the desire for 'home' creates the need for security: constant surveillance and threat of violence. Click on examples below for larger images.

"Sempach" [H 96" x W 132"] In Progress