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Patrick Willi was born in Greenville, SC USA. As a child, his family lived both in Greenville and Reutlingen, West Germany. After finishing high school, he began a painting degree and in 1990 studied Classical History and Architecture in Rome. While in Rome, he made his first contact with the works and theories of Constructivism. This would prove to be a pivotal influence. Other areas of study included sociology, existential theory and photography. In 1992, he attained his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Painting from the University of Georgia, Athens. In Athens, he was strongly influenced by the post-punk music scene. In 1995, he attained his Master of Fine Arts degree at the Washington University in St Louis. After crossing the United States several times by car, he settled in Chicago in 1996. His home and studio are in the Bridgeport neighborhood on the near south side of Chicago.

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Patrick Willi

Since moving to Chicago, Patrick Willi has maintained his studio in many locations until settling in the Bridgeport neighborhood. The subject matter of his work has varied over the last decade but the content has primarily been focused on how the evolution of technology and placement in history effect the relationship between 'home' and 'self'. His interests include western political and military history, architecture/engineering, aviation, film and music.